Coming Soon

A few topics we plan to cover in the future:

“How much is that Diesel in the window?” – WWII surplus engines and how they were sold and reused.

A Turbocharged Failure Part V – Proposals.

EMD’s 12-567ATLP engine for Landing Ship Tank service, including history and how they were repurposed after the war.

EMD’s 12-567CA engine replacement.

A comparison on Diesel-Electric Drive and Clutch Boats.

Variations of Diesel-Electric Drive – Exploring the numerous possibilities and combinations available.

Numerous more Historic Boat Profiles.

Fireboat Fire Fighter.

Grey Marine’s 64HN9 – The Diesel with Battle Mode.

Multiple Diesels on One Shaft.

Non-Magnetic Engines

FM’s Baby OP – The 5 1/4″

…And more…