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When I first started this page in 2019, I only planned on it to be a simple blog with posts on various topics now and again.  Since then, we have done several more in-depth topics covering a wide range of things.   I quickly discovered that finding things can be a pain! I found out how to make pages, which appear on the right side covering various topics, essentially turning this into a website.  However, this side index does not show up on cell phones, so I opted to create this page as the “master index”, which shows up on the very top now.   While I could add every page to this top header index, it cluttered it up way too much, so please use this page to direct you to each of the individual topics covered on this website while using a mobile device. 


Cleveland Diesel Engine Division – Winton Engine Co.

Diesel Railroad Tugboats, Volume I – East Coast

Electro-Motive Division


Historic Vessels

Miscellaneous & Other Makes

Vintage Advertising