Diesel Railroad Tugboats, Volume I – East Coast

After several years in the works, my new book on railroad tugboats is now here! While the preorder deadline has passed, copies can still be purchased at: www.railroadtugs.com

A little more insight can be found on this post:

Review on Tugster

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Additional photos that “did not make the cut”, as well as full walk through photo galleries of the LV Cornell, Erie Marion, CNJ Liberty, Reading Brandywine and others. Be sure to check back frequently!

I opted to create a quick reference name guide for all of the tugboats listed in this book. The following is a 3 page .pdf file that can be printed. Click the following image to take you to the file.

Jay Boggess and his wife, Jill, were kind enough to put together a detailed index to the entire book. The following is a 10 page .pdf file that can be printed. Click the following image to take you to the file.


Page 24 – Top photo, Photo captions mentions one of the propulsion motors. This is a back-to-back pair, which in turn powered one propeller. The other side of the ship has an identical arrangement.
Page 57 – Line #4, should be “5.846:1” not “5.846-1”.
Page 89 – Line #2, “replace” is spelled wrong.
Page 92 – Date should be August 9, 1983.
Page 97 – “Above” photo – Credit name mispelled – Should be “James Giammatteo Photo” – Sorry James!
Page 125 and 251 – Lower photo caption, Tug Alfred Walker (RDG Shamokin) is still in service, and not laid up.
Page 127 – Top caption, line 6. “This” is misspelled.
Page 140 – Top photo, Page referenced in the caption should be on Page #137 NOT #135.
Page 143 – Bottom caption, line 7. “Below” is misspelled.
Page 157 – Top photo, photographer credit should be to Tim Mader. My apologies Tim!
Page 180 – “Above” photo, Catherine McAllister should be Italicized.
Page 205 – Paragraph 4 – Chessie and Seaboard should be Italicized.
Page 226 – Text should read “The engines from the Destroyer-Escorts are “Navy Propulsion  Diesel Generator Package” sets assembled by Cleveland after the war, which included a Cleveland 16-278A engine, Allis-Chalmers main generator with a belt driven shaft generator on top and a Westinghouse propulsion motor”. (book text incorrectly states the propulsion motor as having the shaft generator).
Page 227 – Right column, top paragraph. “(Amphibious Tank Landing, Port [with port referring to the rotation of the engine – an ATLS engine is rotates to starboard]).
Page 255 – Under “Books”, Correct grammar should be “Plowden, David. Tugboat. Atheneum, 1976.