Fairbanks-Morse (Fairbanks, Morse & Co.), or FM, has roots going way back to 1823 as one of the pioneers of manufacturing in the era – almost an industrial version of Sears Roebuck & Co.  Fairbanks-Morse, based in Beloit, WI started building Diesel engines in 1914. Like most engines of that time, they were huge slow speed large bore engines. FM dove into their first 2-stroke diesel in 1933, later becoming known as the Model 38 opposed-piston engine. The 38 OP would go on to be one of the most universally used engines, still manufactured today. While the 38 was by far the most successful engine, FM made many well-known (and some not so well known) stationary and marine engines. FM has been sold many times over but is still currently in business as Fairbanks Morse Defense. Click the following photos to take you to each page.

Fairbanks Morse 31A18 – The story of FM’s largest successful production engine design.

Fairbanks Morse Engine List – Listing of every production FM Diesel Engine.

Art Deco Diesel – The Fairbanks-Morse 31A En bloc Series

Old Advertising IX – FM OP’s

F-M Diesel-Electric Proposal – A proposal package for an FM powered tugboat.

In 2020 we were able to tour the fantastic Delta Municipal Light & Power plant in Delta Colorado. The following 4-part series documents the plant and the engines in it.

Delta Municipal Light & Power Part I

Delta Municipal Light & Power Part II

Delta Municipal Light & Power Part III

Delta Municipal Light & Power Part IV

A Chain Driven Crankshaft – FM’s early way of connecting the upper crankshaft on the OP engine.

The Lackawanna Story – FM booklet on the Train Master Locomotive