The Lackawanna Story – DL&W Fairbanks-Morse Train Masters

A few years ago, our local bookstore took in a large collection of railroad books. In rummaging, I stumbled upon an old Fairbanks-Morse promotional booklet promoting the Delaware Lackawanna & Western’s new FM H-24-66 Train Master locomotives, which were at that time the highest horsepower locomotives being offered. DL&W being a favorite railroad, of course I needed it!

So, I take the booklet up to the counter being it had no price on it.. and I inquire. “Oh, that’s..old, were gonna need to research this..”. In other words, you want a lot for it. I go back a few months later and sure enough, they wanted north of $200. Nope, not for a little 20 page promotional booklet!

Fast forward about 2 years ago I stumbled on a cheap copy on eBay, and wound up winning it for only like $25! So, here is a scan of “The Lackawanna Story”.

Said bookstore still has their copy of it, down to only $175 now!

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