Old Advertising VI

This week, we feature Kahlenberg Bros. The Kahlenberg Brothers started out in 1895, manufacturing various small steam, gasoline and diesel engines which became very common in Great Lakes fish tugs, as well as several small tugboats and work boats. To go with the engines, they also manufactured the specific propellers to go with them. Kahlenberg exited the engine business in the late 1950’s, however a handful are still in operation today. The line of propellers are still manufactured.

Kahlenberg D3 in my collection, with a unique and very uncommon reversed bell arrangement.

In 1930 Kahlenberg branched out into building horns, and would become the leading supplier of horns used on tugs, workboats, and literally every other type of maritime craft (and some land based) afloat, from single to 6 chime horns, and every combination in between.

Kahlenberg (now known as Kahlenberg Industries) is still in business in their original Two Rivers Wisconsin factory.


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