Post Archives Volume II

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As I mentioned in the previous edition of this, the way WordPress archives previous posts, kind of sucks, so unless you are looking for something, you will not see it shown.  Thus, I opted to make these archives every so often as an index of all previous postings.   Be sure to check them out if you missed them.  

Lots of great articles in the works yet, and I always welcome any input, stories, photos or any of the like from my readers.   Same goes if anyone has any old engine stuff they are looking to sell. 

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Fairbanks Morse 31A18

Old Advertising I – Marquette Governors

D-Day plus 75 – A pair of D-Day survivors on the Great Lakes

Another WWII Survivor – The story of the Edmund J. Moran/Barbara Andrie

Old Advertising II – Jakobson Shipyard

Re-purposed – The story of the Great Lakes Towing tug Ohio, and her transformation into a museum piece.

Old Advertising III – Carl Hussman Company and the EMD 567

Spencer Heads – Spencer cylinder head inserts

EMD 567 spotters guide – How to tell apart the various 567 types.

Old Advertising IV – Farrel-Birmingham

Fixing a bearing – Rebuilding the babbit motor support bearing on the Tug Cornells WWII surplus propulsion motor

Old Advertising V – GM Diesel and the George Drake Gulfport Tugboats

Tugboats & Submarines – Story of the Fleet sub Cabezon, and how her engine wound up in the Tug Cornell

Old Advertising VI – Kahlenberg Brothers

Fairbanks Morse Engine List – Listing of every FM Diesel Engine

An unexpected find – Finding an Enterprise Valve at a surplus store

Old Advertising VII – Buchi Turbos

The 40 Series Line – A primer on EMD’s golden years of locomotive production

Historic Tugs I – Luna and Venus, a pair of the earliest Diesel-Electric tugs built

Cleveland Diesel Engine Division – GM’s war hero turned ugly stepsister – The Story of Cleveland Diesel

Missing Parts… – A surprise find in the Cornell

Aluminum in the Jungle – American Tugs in South America

Milwaukee Firsts

Old Advertising VIII – Westinghouse

Diesel-Electric Drive in 2020

Winton & Cleveland Diesel: The List – Every engine built

Art Deco Diesel – The Fairbanks-Morse 31A En bloc Series

Little Engines I – 1/87th Scale Engines

Old Advertising IX – FM OP’s

Scrapyard Finds – A surprise find

Scrapyard Finds – The Answer

Cleveland 16-338 Teaser

The Gray Marine Opposed Piston Diesel

Don’t mess with our engine – A Winton Anecdote

F-M Diesel-Electric Proposal

Vintage Diesels In The Field

A Home-built Locomotive – Southern San Luis Valley D-500

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