Diesel Data Sheets

As I mentioned here a few times, I picked up a few rolls of microfilm a few years ago, including 3 rolls marked as “Diesel Data Sheets”. Unfortunately, there is no index on the rolls (that I can see..). Last night I went through them out of boredom, and was shocked to see sheets for a vast array of boats, including engine’s from a number of companies. I guess I need to find a microfilm scanner now. If my math is correct, each roll is 100 feet, 20 frames per foot, so about 2,000 images per roll. It is a lot of data! I have an idea to design and 3D print a holder so I can scan them on my flatbed, but that might take forever.

Click for larger

A few random examples (click for larger):

I saw data sheets for ships from the teens through WWII, with engine makes such as Busch-Sulzer, Enterprise, Cleveland, EMD, Detroit, National, Ruston-Hornsby, Stover, Fairbanks, Alco, Norfolk Navy Yard, Buda and others. Hopefully in time I will be able to digitize these, along with the other reels I have.

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