Cleveland 16-338 Teaser

Recently I was able to acquire a full set of blueprints (more then 2,000 sheets!) for the Cleveland 16-338 thanks to the eagle eyes of my co-author Jay. The 338 was a vertical quasi-radial 16-cylinder engine that developed 1000HP at 1600RPM. The engine has it roots in the EMD designed 16-184A engine developed by EMD during WWII. The 338 only had one purpose, as a generator engine on a very small handful of submarines during the 1950’s. We are working on a much more in-depth post about this engine, so for now enjoy a sample blueprint of the top of the engine looking down, showing its tiny profile.

Click for larger

2 thoughts on “Cleveland 16-338 Teaser

  1. Hi, I’ve been trying to dig up information on the 16-338 without much luck. Is there any chance you could post some more of the prints you got? Do you have any other specifications or information on it at all?


  2. If memory serves me right there was an aluminum plant in Texas, Corpus Christi I think that had 50 ea Cleveland Diesel Radial Pancake engines for electric power production. In that same facility there were 50 ea Cooper Bessmer LSV12 spark fired natural gas engines. At the time it was one of the largest power plants ever built. I believe that it was either Reynolds Medtals or Alcoa. Our comany service the Nordberg Radials in Port La Vaca TX.


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